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Refraction whine


This journal is friends only. :P

People looking for my feedback info, look at the next post, please.

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Hello, there!
I'm new to LiveJournal, sort of..just started actually posting today~
And I would really be happy to have friends! ^0^ My name is Kayla, its a pleasure to meet you~!

Hi Kayla! I'd love to be your friend, I just added you right now. ^_^

My name is Morgan, by the way. :3

Thanks for adding me :D Out of morbid curiosity, have we met before? (Not that it's necessary or anything, I'm just curious! I always love meeting new people and making new friends.)

Your welcome! And I don't think we have met but you have met one of my friends (her LJ name is andonforever, she said she went to one of the meetups down there :3).

I recognized you from a D_L post you made last night because she showed me a picture the other day you posted on your journal of Vampire Requiem (which right now I'm desperately wanting the long JSK of XD). So I was like, oh! that one cute girl! *adds*

Ah, yes, I know just who you're talking about :]

Ahaha, that's cool! Glad to hear my d_l posts are good for something, after all n_n And the long JSK looks gorgeous from what I've seen in the Kera ads; I sort of want to swap mine for it.

And it's nice to meet you!

Kera ads? Can you give me a link to those so I can die a little more inside from VR? >3>

And it's nice to meet you as well! I admit I don't post too much, hopefully that will change soon. ^^;

Cessin I didn't know you had a Lj..can I join?

hehe, this is actually just my lolita journal >3> I'm probably going to mix my dollie journal and this journal together once I'm not lazy. I'll add ya dearie. <3

Hai! :B I'm Emily! :3 I believe we have lots in common! ^.^ And I love the image...I can recognize Kanon's beautiful style of art anywhere. ;3; <3~ Hope to be friends~~ ^__^~

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